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Eight common mistakes in Spanish grammar

We know that Spanish can be a bit difficult, which is why we have summarized eight of the most common grammatical errors of Spanish for native speakers and Spanish students.

  • Dequeísmo

    A phenomenon that consists in adding “de que” to verbs that mean “decir” (say) or “pensar” (think).

    Normally these verbs are only followed by “que”.


    Incorrect: *Me dijo de que irías con él.

    Correct: Me dijo que irías con él.

  • Laísmo

    A phenomenon in which the indirect object pronoun “le” is substituted for direct object pronouns (“la”,”lo”).


    Incorrect: *La dije a Luisa que viniera.

    Instead of the correct: Le dije a Luisa que viniera.

  • Leísmo

    A phenomenon consisting in substituting the indirect object pronoun “le” for direct object pronouns (lo, la).


    Incorrect: *Me gustó ese coche y me le compré.

    Correct: Me gustó ese coche y me lo compré.

  • Loísmo

    Phenomenon identical to Leísmo, except that “lo” is used instead of “le”.


    Incorrect: *Lo dije a Luís que viniera.

    Correct: Le dije a Luís que viniera.

  • Learned words ending in “-m”

    Latin-derived words of foreign origin such as “álbum”, “ídem”, “currículum”, “memorándum” and others end in “-m”.


    Me mandaron otro currículum.

  • M + B / P

    “-m-” is written before “b” / “p” if they are in the same word.


    Amparo, embajador.

  • O / U

    The conjunction o changes to u when the word that follows begins with “o”.


    ¿Vienes o te quedas?

    Uno u otro.

  • Y / E

    We use y to join two words or clauses, but if the word following “y” begins with “i-” or “hi-” we change the y to e.


    Incorrect: *Vinieron Juan y Irene.

    The correct form is: Vinieron Juan e Irene.

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