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The months of the year in Spanish

One of the first things you need to learn when you start studying Spanish is the months of the year. Keep reading and you will learn that along with some other information.

Learn the months of the year in Spanish

The name of the twelve months of the year are the following:

  • enero
  • febrero
  • marzo
  • abril
  • mayo
  • junio
  • julio
  • agosto
  • septiembre
  • octubre
  • noviembre
  • diciembre

Masculine or feminine?

The months of the year don’t have a gender themselves, because they depend on the word “mes” (month), which is masculine:

el mes

el mes de enero

el mes de febrero

el mes de marzo

Capital or lowercase letter?

As you can see, the months of the year always start with a lowercase letter, even if we are referring to a specific date:

El dos de marzo fue el cumpleaños de María.

La época de exámenes en mi universidad empieza en febrero.

They will only start with a capital letter when we refer to the name of festivities, dates or historical events, streets, buildings, plaza del Dos de Mayo, Hospital Doce de Octubre, etc.

Some more tips

We also use the months in invitations or letters:

Madrid, 3 de abril de 2018

Querido Pedro:


They are usually never used in plural. When we have to refer to more than one month we would say something like this:

Todos los meses de agosto nos vamos de vacaciones a la playa.

So, now that you know the months of the year, we encourage you to learn the days of the week and continue learning Spanish with our free lessons.


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