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How to be Safe in Playa del Carmen

In general, Playa del Carmen is a friendly and peaceful city. But like many other cities in mexico, pickpocket, petty crimes, and unprovoked attacks do occur. So before you pack your bag and visit this sunny Mexican destination, you have to know some basic safety and emergency procedures.

Safety in Playa del Carmen means never leaving your belongings unattended in the hotel lobby or in front of the hotel. You must deposit all your valuables in the safe and lock your room every time you leave. Also, do not leave your bag unattended in the hotel restaurant or the breakfast room, even if you are just going to the restroom to freshen up or to the buffet table.

Common sense is the key when you are in Playa del Carmen. Do not walk in dark, isolated, and unpopulated streets at night, especially when you are alone. Also, be aware of gangs of youths that congregate around street corners.

Do not bring your passport when out on tours. Many travelers misplace or lose their passports while having excursions. It is always a good idea to carry with you a photocopy of your passport.

Be aware of petty thieves as they will do anything to distract you. Keep your handbag as close as possible to your body. Do not wear too much jewelry as they could attract potential thieves. Always be mindful of all your things, including your camera.

Put your wallet or purse in an inside pocket that you can close with a zipper. Carry only the cash you need for the day’s expenses. Whenever possible, use your credit card and keep all the receipts. Also carry only one credit card with you. Keep your card numbers and phone numbers of your credit card company, and your ATM card’s PIN code.

If you are taking a cab, always choose one equipped with radio. Sure, they are more costly compared to conventional taxis, but they are safer and more reliable. If you drive your own car, make sure that all valuable things are in plain sight. Do not leave valuables in your car.

Remember, better safe than sorry.


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