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Project Description


What is included in this online course?

  • Sample CCSE tests & questions

  • Techniques to improve your CCSE exam results

  • Multiple simulated CCSE exams

  • Access to samples of CCSE exam

  • Learn techniques to improve your score at CCSE exam

  • Student support – Support from the tutor

  • 365/7 – Start whenever you want

  • Duration – 15 estimated hours

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CCSE Preparation Course aims

  • Provide all the tools and tips you need to pass the CCSE test: we will show you the type of questions you will find in the exam and teach you the strategies to successfully pass your exam.

  • Lose the fear of the CCSE test by making simulated exams with sample questions like the ones you will face at the real exam.

  • Pass your examination successfully to qualify for Spanish citizenship without any administrative obstacles.

CCSE Preparation Course contents

Prepare the CCSE exam with success!

From 2016 all those who want to obtain Spanish nationality must take an examination in Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain, called the CCSE test, and the DELE A2 exam to accredit their Spanish level.

The examination in Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain can be a problem when it comes to obtaining nationality, so at IL Spanish we offer you an online course that will quickly prepare you to pass this exam easily, as we are specialists in preparing students to take the tests to acquire Spanish nationality.

Our CCSE Test Preparation Course consists of 4 modules:

  • 1. Module on CCSE test description: administrative tasks and specifications

  • 2. Module on Government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain

  • 3. Module on Spanish culture, history and society

  • 4. Module on CCSE test simulations

Each module is structured as follows:

Duration: 2 h

During this module, we will explain, in an easy and entertaining way, what the test consists of and all of its specifications. We will also tell you all about any relevant administrative details, how to register, which documentation you will need, and we will answer any questions you may have about the test.

Duration: 5 h

Through this module you will learn all the necessary contents about government, legislation and citizen participation in Spain, corresponding to the first part of the CCSE test, along with the different related questions that you may find in the CCSE test and the corrections.

Duration: 5 h

With this module, you will obtain all the knowledge you need to pass the second part of the CCSE test. There will be a set of questions you might find on the actual test day, along with their corrections.

Duration: 13 h

In this last module you will have different exam simulations at your disposal, so that you are able to practice with the questions as many times as you want and perform successfully on the day of the CCSE test.

What methodology do we use in your CCSE online preparation course?

Through our e-learning platform, you will be able to complete all the tasks for each module in an intuitive and easy way. Each task introduces all the contents that may be asked in the CCSE examination and alternatively, you will face real test questions, so you can prepare for your exam in the best possible way.

You will also be able to perform different exam simulations so that you will be more confident on the day of the actual CCSE test.

If you need assistance at any time, we offer you the possibility of taking online one-to-one classes with a tutor specialized in the CCSE test, who will solve all your doubts and questions and will give you the best advice to perform the CCSE exam successfully.

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Academic material for the modules

The material used in our course has been created following the specifications of the Instituto Cervantes, creator of the examination, as well as all the sample questions, and they have also been pedagogically adapted so that learning and preparing for the CCSE test is as quick and easy as possible.

FAQ about CCSE made by other students

Passing the CCSE test is a fundamental and mandatory requirement to be eligible for Spanish nationality.

You may take the test regardless of your nationality, as long as you regularly reside in Spain. You also must be 18 years or older.

Residents in Spain who want to obtain Spanish nationality and descendants of Sephardic Jews who want to acquire Spanish nationality.

The CCSE test has 25 questions. Each question has only one correct answer.

Each correct answer is worth 1 point, while each incorrect answer is worth 0 points. You will not be penalized for unanswered questions or incorrect answers.

To successfully pass the test and get your certification you must answer correctly at least 15 of the 25 questions, that is, 60% of the total.

The CCSE exams are held on the last Thursday of every month, except during the months of August and December. If you want to check the exact dates for 2018, click here.

The CCSE exams are held in centers recognized by the Instituto Cervantes. If you want more information on where you may take your test, click here.

Yes, you may. If you need a private class in which our CCSE test specialized tutor explains different situations to you, or answers your questions, before, during or after the course, you just need to select the CCSE tutoring extra.

Course Price

CCSE Online Preparation Course

60 €
  • + 25 hours in our e-learning platform
  • Sample CCSE tests & questions
  • Techniques to improve your CCSE exam results
  • Multiple simulated CCSE exams

Do you need online one-on-one classes with a specialized CCSE teacher?

1 support class CCSE preparation exam

30 €
  • Take 1 class with a CCSE expert
  • Resolve all your doubts
  • 50 minutes / class

5 support classes CCSE preparation exam

120 €
  • Take 5 classes with a CCSE expert
  • Resolve all your doubts
  • 50 minutes / class

10 support classes CCSE preparation exam

260 €
  • Take 10 classes with a CCSE expert
  • Resolve all your doubts
  • 50 minutes / class


“Passing the CCSE test was very important for me because it meant staying in Spain with my wife and daughter. I didn´t know how to start nor where to find help. In IL Spanish they gave me the solution in a short period of time and I have achieved it. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.”
“Preparing an exam to obtain the nationality is something really important that creates a lot of fear and anxiety, such as not knowing how to even sign up for it. In IL Spanish, they helped me throughout the process and made me feel relieved and calm”.
“I didn’t even know how to start preparing for the exam and was very nervous. Thank God I took my friend´s advice to complete the CCSE preparation course in IL Spanish. The teachers were very pleasant and the materials were very good. Now that I have passed the test, I have only thanks to give on behalf of myself and my family”.

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