Feasts and celebrations around Playa del Carmen

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Feasts and celebrations around Playa del Carmen

Although studying the Spanish language is less likely to get boring as there are a lot of new things to learn each lesson, finding it monotonous (especially for those who are already familiar with the language) is quite inevitable sometimes. If you are experiencing this stage, why not try to go out for a while and join with the feast and celebrations around the neighboring places of Playa del Carmen?

Although the city does not have a lot of festivities being a small beach town, locals do get hyped up and participate in the events happening in bigger areas in the Yucatan peninsula, like in Cancun.

Some of these festivals are the following:

Bird Festival

One of the most anticipated events in the Yucatan Peninsula, especially by bird lovers, the annual Bird Festival takes participants to several exhibitions, conferences, and workshops dedicated to birds and anything about them. Usually taking place in November, the festival will surely bring you a lot of appreciation to the winged animals.

Yucatan Fair

The Yucatan Fair is considered to be one of Mexico’s most important events, particularly to the stock breeder trading industry. However, throughout the years, the lively and colorful event has already evolved from being a mere celebration for livestock to a celebration of other regional products as well. During this period, small theme parks, children’s shows, horse races, entertainers, cockfights, and the most anticipated Palenque festival take place around the peninsula.

Autumn Cultural Festival

Celebrating the rich culture of Yucatan, the Autumn Cultural Festival is another annual event not to miss when you are in Playa. The celebration is marked by lively music played around the region as well as several theaters and dance productions.

So in case you get bored with your Spanish lessons, try to take a break and join in the fun in Playa del Carmen’s neighboring places.


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