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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We are Inspired by the need for good communication between people around the world.

You will learn a foreign language, you will internalize Spanish culture, understand its speakers and be able to express your opinions and points of view as if using your own mother tongue.

We are professional teachers of foreign languages with more than 10 years of experience within the sector, who want to respond to the real needs of language students…

  • …who demand an effective and personalized method adapted to them.

  • …who require that important factors such as motivation or the most innovative methodologies are included.

  • …who need to be able to learn at their own pace, where and when they want.

We have created and tested an effective method in which the student is the center of the learning process, and where teaching materials and techniques revolve around them.

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A different way to learn Spanish

We offer you the best way to learn Spanish flexibly and easily in an online environment.

We are teachers who put their knowledge, experience and heart into helping each and every one of our students achieve their goals, obtain success and enjoy the learning process as much as we enjoy teaching.


In this globalized world we live in, it is essential to establish valid communication channels between countries, between companies and between people who exchange their values, culture and knowledge.

At IL Spanish we want to help these channels acquire the fluency that comes with communicating in the same language and knowing the other party’s culture, to approximate positions and make the world a better place.

You will learn a foreign language. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is most important in international and economic relations. You will internalize Spanish culture, understand its speakers and be able to express your opinions and points of view as if using your own mother tongue.

Knowing a language, a culture, opens our mind to new horizons, to new opportunities both personally and professionally, and is one of the most enriching experiences that we can enjoy in our life.

We are proud to do our bit for this great mission through consideration and respect for the different languages, cultures and citizens of all the countries in the world, especially the entire American continent and Europe, teaching our students the best about both Latin American countries and Spain.



“Great for all levels. I learned more in less time than in any other program. The program is firmly rooted in an immersion style “Vas a aprender muchísimo!”


“My Spanish classes were designed to fit my learning style. The personal attention I received helped me to get the best learning.”


“At the beginning, I was a little uncertainty to do a language course online, but after a couple of hours of learning in IL Spanish I realized it´was just THE best way of learning. I took the decisions about when and where and also how many hours I wanted to study. This experience also helped me to learn to organize my time better and this is an important life lesson that I also own to IL Spanish.”


“From my first correspondence with IL Spanish, I had a very positive feeling-quick, friendly, and welcoming responses. The teachers have all been so encouraging and 120 hours of lessons have passed ridiculously quickly without a minute of boredom.”


“When I was researching various Spanish online courses, I was trying to find a course that would not only give me the typical Spanish instruction and in IL Spanish I found greats courses of conversation and, of course the DELE Course, thanks to them I pass the DELE A2.”

BEN SCHATZ, Switzerland

“From my perspective, study online courses is a perfect way to study Spanish. At IL Spanish, the professors developed classes specializing in my personal needs and at a self-determined pace, when I tried to take the easy way out, the professors would challenge me even more, they were also committed to my goals as a student.”


Fast progress, individual lessons are perfect to focus on one´s weaknesses, awesome teachers. I was able to organize my classes at my own rhythm when I wanted, and from home or my place of holidays.”


“I am glad to choose IL Spanish because I learned online so much, more in three weeks that I did with two years of high school Spanish. The teachers are very nice and helpful and the help assistance was great. They want you to learn and succeed.”




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