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Spanish at the restaurant

You already have learned expressions to experience Spanish conversation and common mistakes when you use Spanish expressions.

In today’s post, we teach a series of words and phrases to practice everything you learned in your Spanish courses. It is very important to be able to speak in public without fear of failure and practice and practice Spanish at any time will help you in your learning.

Go to lunch or dinner at a restaurant is very common in your stay in Spain or Latin America, so knowing the words and phrases used in a restaurant is critical. Here are the most necessary for a good meal:

General vocabulary

Ingredients: ingredientes

Waiter / Waitress : camarero/ camarera

To order: pedir

Meal: comida

Starters: entrantes

Main course: plato principal

Set menu: menú del día

Dish: plato

Dish of the day: plato del día

Beer: cerveza

Water: agua

House wine: vino de la casa

Meat: carne

Fish: pescado

Dessert: postre

Cutlery: Cubiertos

Spoon: cuchara

Fork: tenedor

Knife: Cuchillo

Napkin: servilleta

Drinks: bebidas

Tip: propina

Toilet: aseo Price: precio

Salt: sal

Vinegar: vinagre

Sugar: azúcar

Pepper: pimienta

Olive oil: aceite de oliva

Butter: mantequilla

Mayonnaise: mayonesa

Bread: pan

Expressions to ask at the restaurant

I would like to make a reservation for this evening: Me gustaría hacer una reserva para esta noche

To make a reservation for six people: Hacer una reserva para seis personas

Do you have a table for six people? : ¿Tienes una mesa para seis personas?

I would like a table near the windows: Quisiera una mesa cerca de la ventana

Can I see a menu, please?: ¿Puedo ver el menú, por favor?)

What’s today’s special?: ¿Cuál es el plato especial de hoy?

Can you bring me…please?: ¿Me puede traer…por favor?

I would like…: Me gustaría…

Do you have a vegetarian menu?: ¿Tiene un menú vegetariano?

What’s for dessert?: ¿Qué hay de postre?

The bill/check, please: La cuenta, por favor

Is the tip included?: ¿Está incluida la propina?

Can I pay by card?: ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?

Other expressions at the restaurant

Enjoy your meal! ¡Buen provecho!

What do you recommend? ¿Qué me recomienda?

Excuse me waiter! ¡Disculpe camarero!

Thanks, that was delicious Gracias, estaba delicioso

Can we pay separately? ¿Podemos pagar por separado?

A cup of coffee, please Una taza de café, por favor

Do you have a dessert list? ¿Tiene carta de postres?

We hope our list will help you to improve your vocabulary. And remember that you can not miss our next class of practical vocabulary.


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