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1. Reach the success in language with IL Spanish

Our IL Spanish Language Learning Program is designed to get you speaking right away.

Have you ever started learning a language only to find you don’t have the time to finish? Or maybe you even got halfway through before your progress stalled, your interest dwindled and the book or software ended up back on the bookshelf to gather dust.

Any language learning expert will tell you that the first thing you need to do to learn is to speak with native speakers. Unfortunately, most language learning programs don’t help you with this. They teach you lots of grammar rules and vocabulary, but don’t give you the tools or confidence to start speaking right away.

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2. IL Spanish offers a new view to learn Spanish

We advise our students according to their needs.

In IL Spanish we take a personal interest in each of our students and are happy to offer help and assistance in any way.

The affordable courses we offer here at IL Spanish are both engaging and effective. Our approach here is both novel and modern.

We are offering the best quality online Spanish courses to learn Spanish and a great variety of specialized Spanish courses.

For us, the most important thing is the student learning.

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3. You need IL Spanish if…

… traditional language programs have failed you.

… you don’t have the time to spend hours and hours memorizing vocabulary.

… you have a trip coming up to a Spanish-speaking country and need a quick review.

… you don’t know any Spanish but want to start speaking right away.

… you want improve your Spanish without moving from your house or work.

… you need pass the exam of an Official Spanish Certificate, DELE, SIELE or CCSE.

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4. IL Spanish is different from other Spanish language schools

IL Spanish offers different Spanish courses, so you can find the course that best fits your needs. We offer courses to learn Spanish no matter your level, a course of conversation in Spanish, official DELE and SIELE exam preparation courses, the Spanish Nationality exam preparation course and much more.

Our courses are extremely effective because our teaching method focuses on the student.

Both classes and method are adapted to the learner needs. This is a guarantee for success.

Our classes are amusing and practical, but at the same time effective because you will learn Spanish in real communicative situations. We use a communicative method focused on usual and practical conversations.

We are proud of our qualified team of professors, who have extensive experience and training in the teaching of Spanish as a second language.
IL Spanish works with the newest and most effective teaching materials.

When you finish your course you will obtain a Certificate of Attendance and your progress that include the results of your weekly evaluations.

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5. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world

The Spanish language is the native language of almost 400 million people. That makes it the second language in international importance.
Within 20 years, the Spanish language will be the mother tongue for half of the inhabitants in U.S.A.

The Latin world moves at great speed. Its influence in society, culture and business are growing day by day.

Latin America and Spain are receiving recognition at the international level, becoming an essential area for business and commerce.

Speaking Spanish allows you to travel easily to any of the 21 countries, where Spanish is the official language. You can enjoy your vacation in Spanish-speaking countries by speaking the language and understanding the culture.

By improving your Spanish, you’ll come to appreciate, more and more, the many “jewels” of the Spanish speaking world – music, dance, cinema, culture and lots more!

By learning a second or a third language, you can improve your knowledge in your own language and you can find your chances of getting a new job or a better job.

Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and it’s an official language in the E.U, UNESCO, U.N.O, GATT, ONUDI & U.I.T.

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Do you want more information about ouOnline Spanish Courses?

The Best Teachers. The Best Method. The Best E-learning platform.


“The course is very good and at a very interesting price, what else could I ask for? 😉 I took a trial lesson and afterward they rebated it from the price of the course I had bought”.


“If you calculate what you spend on transportation to get to an academy with face-to-face courses, the enrolment fee, the books… you will find ILS much more profitable. I have learned more in 2 months than in 2 semesters at an academy and for much less money, just make the calculations”.

YANI GELDOF, Netherlands


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