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Days of the week in Spanish

The seven days of the week in Spanish are this:

  • lunes
  • martes
  • miércoles
  • jueves
  • viernes
  • sábado
  • domingo

Masculine or feminine?

Days of the week are all masculine in Spanish, because “día” (day) it is also masculine:

el día

el (día) lunes

el (día) martes

el miércoles

el jueves

el viernes

el sábado

el domingo

Capital or lowercase letter?

Days of the week always start with a lowercase letter, in any type of text or situation:

El lunes voy a visitar a mi madre.

¿Quedamos el jueves a las 12?

La inauguración del museo tendrá lugar el viernes día 14 a las 18:00 h.

Unless, of course, it’s the first word in a sentence, in which case we will use capital letter, like in a journal:

Lunes 15 de agosto

Me desperté sobresaltado por un ruido que venía del interior del bosque.

Singular or plural?

Days of the week can be plural. You need to add an “s” at the end of the word when it ends with a vowel (sábados, domingos), or just keep the same singular form when they end in “s” already (lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves y viernes):

Todos los domingos voy al cine con mis amigos.

Odio los lunes, es el primer día de la semana y siempre se hace duro después del descanso del fin de semana.

A curiosity

Do you know the origin of the days of the week? From lunes (Monday) to viernes (Friday), they have a Roman origin. Sábado (Saturday) and domingo (Sunday) come from Catholic and Jew tradition. Watch how they evolved from the original words in latin:

MONDAY: Lunae dies (‘day of the Moon’): lun(ae di)es → lunes
TUESDAY: Martis dies (‘day of Mars’): mart(is di)es → martes
WEDNESDAY: Mercuri dies (‘day of Mercury’): mercur(i di)es → miercores → miércoles
THURSDAY: Iovis dies (‘day of Jupiter’): iov(is di)es → ioves → jueves
FRIDAY: Veneris dies (‘day of Venus’): vener(is di)es → verneres → vernes → viernes
SATURDAY: Sabbata, orum (‘rest day’): sabbattum → sabato → sábado
SUNDAY: Dominicus dies (‘God’s day’): Domenicu(m dies) → domenico → domenco → domingo

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