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Project Description


What is included in this online course?

  • All levels – (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)

  • 1, 5, 10 or 20 one-to-one online lessons – 50 minutes / class

  • Focus on the student – Effective online methodology

  • Student support – Support from the tutor at all times

  • 365/7 – Start whenever you want

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Conversational course content

If you want to improve your spoken expression and interaction, your pronunciation and your fluency, then this is your course!

If you want to learn Spanish from a different perspective, online conversational course is the solution.

You will improve your Spanish language, such as your communicative skills, your vocabulary, you will learn structures and strategies to organize your speech and all through a 100% communicative methodology adapted to your needs.

Through our conversational course, you will improve your spoken expression and interaction by focusing on your needs.

Choose which communicative contexts you would like to practice at your lessons.

  • Travel
  • Personal and social relationships
  • Networking
  • Daily life
  • Whatever topic or context you may need or that is of your interest

Conversation Course Objectives

  • You will learn Spanish from a different point of view because our online conversation course is the solution to your problems with oral Spanish.

  • You will improve your Spanish, your communicative skills in Spanish and you will increase your vocabulary.

  • You will learn structures and strategies to organize the discourse and everything through a methodology 100% communicative and adapted to your needs.

Which methodology do we use in our online conversational course?

In this course you will improve your speaking expression in real simulations like in an immersion context, meaning that as if you were in a Spanish-speaking country.

Our online conversation course includes the following assessments:

  • CONVERSATION: here you will be practicing conversations about the topics of your interests you have, such as personal topics, work-related… which will be introduced through different audios, tutorials, articles, magazines and other means of communication-related to your interests with the scope of improving your listening comprehension and your conversational ability.

  • DEBATE: we will propose different points of view to you about a topic, Latin-American way of living and culture, plus other topical issues in order to practice how to defend different postures and refute them.

  • ROLE PLAYING: here you will be practicing different ordinary life situations so that your learning is based on action and reality.

  • PRESENTATION: finally, there will be different assessments in which you will have to speak about a topic so that you can practice oral presentations in public and that will help you confront situations at work, ordinary life or university.

In this course you won’t have to take grammatical tests nor write. You will actively learn grammar and vocabulary by being put through 100% real situations. However, if you need punctual grammatical explanations, the teacher will provide you with all the help you need.

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Academic material to carry out the modules

Practice your Spanish oral expression in an effective and entertaining manner through our online lessons given by accredited teachers with vast experience in speaking courses.

Improve your spoken Spanish without even realizing in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.

Carry out your conversational course as you would like to. You can buy packs of 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons.

Frequently asked questions by students about the conversational course

Of course.

If you prefer to learn in a more communicative way, avoiding a more theoretical approach, you will be able to do so with this course.

In addition, this course will help you improve your communicate level if you have a settled level of Spanish.

By following the IL Spanish learning method, you will be able to learn Spanish through online conversational lessons and practice different aspects of the Spanish language with topics adapted to your interests in them, and exercises based on conversation, debate, role play and presentation.

With our course, you will be able to practice your Spanish. If you have taken other courses and you would like to refresh your Spanish or improve your communication skills, this course is the ideal solution.

In our conversational course, our teachers will recommend exercises and give you advice so that your conversational skills in Spanish greatly improve.

You will be able to take conversational lessons whenever and wherever you want thanks to our methodology and the great time availability of our teachers. You only have to book your class with your teacher and connect to Skype or Hangouts.

Classes Prices

1 class

25 €
  • UNIT
  • 50 minutes / class
  • Native & Certificated Teachers

5 classes

120 €
  • PACK
  • 50 minutes / class
  • Native & Certificated Teachers
  • Access to our Spanish resources

10 classes

225 €
  • 50 minutes / class
  • Native & Certificated Teachers
  • Access to our Spanish resources

20 classes

425 €
  • 50 minutes / class
  • Native & Certificated Teachers
  • Access to our Premium Spanish resources


“What is expected in a good conversational course? A native teacher who helps you improve your oral expression. At IL Spanish the teachers take care of your interests and focus on what you are looking for, so the speaking lesson ends up being one of the best moments of my week. I truly recommend it.”.
“I had already taken several face-to-face courses and even paid spare lessons to online advertised teachers and I kept facing the same situation: the teachers weren’t certified and didn’t know how to reply to any of my questions. At IL Spanish you always have a teacher who knows very well what he’s doing and helps you improving at all times.”
“I wanted to take a Spanish course but didn´t know which one was the most suitable for me and in IL Spanish they helped me choose the best one for me, the one that would really make me achieve my objectives. Now that I have finished it I feel very satisfied. I will take another course after my holidays!”.


If you have any further doubts, please get in contact with us. A specialist will be answering all your questions and will counsel you in the best way possible. 

[email protected]

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