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Project Description


What is included in this online course?

  • Levels – A2 (Available soon levels A1, B1, B2, C1, C2, A1 for scholars y A2/B1 for scholars)

  • 10 one-to-one online lessons – Length of each lesson: 50 minutes

  • +70 hours of DELE preparation materials – Interactive and effective

  • Access to samples of DELE exam

  • Learn techniques to improve your score at DELE exam

  • Student support – Support from the tutor at all times

  • 365/7 – Start whenever you want

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DELE Preparation Course Objectives

  • Understand how DELE exam works, get to know all its characteristics and tricks.

  • Practice in detail each of the tests of the exam (written comprehension, speaking comprehension, written expression and spoken expression and interaction) and resolve the linguistic and functioning doubts you may have to easily achieve successful results at DELE.

  • Build confidence and practice the spoken expression and interaction test, the one which generates greater tension and difficulty, with our specialized preparation teacher in marking of DELE exam.

DELE Preparation Course Content

Prepare in the best way possible for your DELE exam!

With our IL Spanish method, we guarantee to provide materials as the ones you will find at the exam, and customized online lessons with our teachers of the only official Spanish exam which has international recognition in the regulated educative systems in institutions, companies and universities throughout the world.

Get the best insights and strategies to pass the exam through our special preparation course for DELE and benefit from the advantages of preparing your DELE exam with one of the best courses in the market.

The DELE preparation course consists of 8 modules:

  • 1. Initial module of introduction and knowledge to DELE exam parts

  • 2. READING COMPREHENSION test module


  • 4. Improve your Spanish and increase your DELE score – Part 1



  • 7. Improve your Spanish and increase your DELE score – Part 2

  • 8. DELE exam simulation and improvement module

Get to know the details of each module:

In this module you will get to know DELE exam in depth, which types of exercises and assignments each test has and the scoring and evaluation method so you don´t find surprises on the day of the exam. We will resolve any doubts you may have about the exam and we will explain all the administrative procedures you have to go through to register for the exam.

In module 2, you will practice and discover all the tricks and upgrades to prepare for the reading comprehension test in the best way possible.

In module 3 you will prepare the written expression and interaction with experienced teachers in DELE exam correction that will give you instructions on how to improve your content in order to improve your score.

In module 5 you will get to know and practice listening comprehension in depth by taking assignments as the ones of the exam.

Finally, in module 6 you will practice and obtain the best guidance to prepare the toughest part of the exam, the verbal expression, and interaction, from examining and certified experienced DELE teachers.

In every module, you will have several assignments that will be corrected by qualified DELE exam teachers.  

You will practice through different exercises the grammar and the key vocabulary of each DELE test so that you have more possibilities to pass the DELE exam.

In module 6, the last one of our course, you will take a final simulation test with detailed corrections and you will revise everything learned in the past 5 modules besides being able to have all your linguistic and structural doubts resolved in order to achieve the best results at your DELE exam.

Which methodology do we use in our online DELE preparation course?

Our DELE preparation methodology is thoroughly verified by the successful results of our students.

Our methodology enables you to practice and take the lessons with the specialised DELE teacher in a comfortable way, wherever and whenever you want. Our DELE preparation materials are designed following the same exercises and assignments as the ones you will find on the day of the exam and you will complete your education learning and strengthening your Spanish level.

Our course has been designed from two simultaneous perspectives, the self-learning part through our e-learning platform and the one-to-one online lessons.

  • E-LEARNING PLATFORM: In the self-learning part you will have access to our course in which you will take different exercises and exam simulations that will be checked by our DELE specialists who will explain to you afterward the reasons underlying the mistakes you may have made.

  • ONE-TO-ONE ONLINE CLASSES: you will have 10 lessons that can be booked at any time unrelated to the module you are at, if you face difficulties in the tests you will be able to book a lesson so the teacher can explain you better, test you on the speaking part or ask him all your doubts.

    In these lectures, you will confront real tests so you learn the strategies and agility needed to insure your best performance at the day of the exam.

Throughout the course, our expert DELE teachers will guide you in the study of the materials so that you familiarize yourself with all the test assignments from the beginning.

They will create a scheme of work for you, taking into consideration your needs and disposable time will resolve all your doubts and will accompany you at all times to ensure you achieve all the course objectives.

How DELE exam levels work?

This course is adapted and specially designed to achieve the greatest success in every level of DELE exam: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2. 

In addition, you are able to prepare for the under 16 DELE school format in the A1, A2/B1 modality for schoolchildren.

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Academic material used for completing the modules

Our DELE preparation materials have been crafted following the same type of methodology and exercises as the ones you will encounter at the exam by specialised teachers in DELE evaluation and preparation. You will be practicing simulations of exercises since minute one.

With our materials, you will be able to see since the first day of the course how a DELE test is and work all types of tasks so that you successfully prepare your exam and obtain the official title accrediting your Spanish level.

Frequently asked questions by DELE students

It is an official title that certifies your level of Spanish everywhere in the world.

The exam has 6 modalities, one for each level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, & C2 and 2 more for people under 16: A1, A2/B1 for school children.

To be able to officially certify your Spanish level. With this exam, you will officially demonstrate your Spanish level in assignments, universities, to request for the Spanish speaking nationalities, etc.

The level of difficulty lies in each person and his capacity at each test (speaking comprehension, writing comprehension, written or verbal expression) but with our preparation course you will prepare all the tests in the best way possible.

If you want to obtain a title that certifies your level of Spanish, valid everywhere in the world and for an undetermined period of time.  

DELE exam is taken everywhere in the world, you only have to find the nearest examination center to your place of residence.

Every year there are 7 calls, in february, april, may, july, september, october and november. If you would like to know the exact dates click here.

Depending on your level of Spanish, our advice is that you choose a level where you have a pass guaranteed.  

For instance, if you are currently studying a B2 level, our recommended level would be DELE B1 because it is the level you have already acquired. Since you are still studying the B2 level, you have not acquired all the knowledge in it yet, hence if you try DELE B2, there are chances you won’t pass.

If you want to know what approximate level you have, you just have to click here

Course Price

DELE Online Preparation Course

395 €
  • 10 classes one-to-one
  • + 70 hours in our e-learning platform
  • Native teachers specialists in DELE
  • 50 minutes / class

Prices for additional extra classes

1 one-to-one extra class

25 €
  • Expand your DELE preparation course
  • 1 extra one-to-one class preparation DELE
  • 50 minutes / class

5 one-to-one extra classes

120 €
  • Expand your DELE preparation course
  • 5 extra one-to-one classes preparation DELE
  • 50 minutes / class

10 one-to-one extra classes

225 €
  • Expand your DELE preparation course
  • 10 extra one-to-one classes preparation DELE
  • 50 minutes / class
  • Access to extra DELE material


“Until I found IL Spanish, I thought taking a preparation course for an official exam was as difficult as passing the exam in fact. Now, diploma in hand, I see it clear to keep learning and certifying my Spanish knowledge in ILS”.
“I prepared for DELE A2 at a standard academy with face-to-face lessons and paid a considerable amount for being in a classroom with 10 students and just doing assignments from a book. In IL Spanish, I am able to prepare the exam from home and book private lessons to resolve all the doubts I have”.
“In reality, I didn’t want to take an official exam but the IL Spanish course caught my attention and decided to take a trial lesson. The lesson, the materials, and what I had heard about the teacher got me so amazed that I decided to officially certify my Spanish level to improve my CV”.

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