How to choose the Spanish course that will adapt best to my needs?

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The Spanish course that will adapt best to my needs

When someone decides to undertake a Spanish course it is very important to clearly know what the interests and objectives are, as you will then be able to choose the course that adapts best to your needs. Take into account two main factors in the selection, the type, of course, you would like to undertake and the type of city you would the Spanish school to be in.

There are several types of courses meant for people with different profiles. If you are a businessman, it is most interesting to undertake a specialized Spanish course, such as the business course which focuses its programmes on Spanish needed in the business context. If you want to practice the conversation but not the grammar, the conversation course is perfect for you.

Students coming to continue their studies in Spanish, need to start or improve their knowledge of Spanish, the basic courses are the most outstanding option.

There are also courses designed to prepare for the SIELE or DELE (Spanish as Foreign Language Diploma) and focus on passing the official examination from the Instituto Cervantes, as the Spanish Ministry of Education. The DELE exam takes place usually 6 times a year and it can be undertaken in almost all countries. And the SIELE exam you can take in all the countries all the year along.

For the students that decide to spend holidays or some days in Spain or Latin America, you can undertake some Spanish summer courses or intensive courses,  which are 25 hours/week (in some centers up until 30 hours/week). They are ideal to do idiomatic tourism, as this allows to study the language while you visit the best monuments in cities with history or to sunbathe on the beach in cities next to the beach. If you haven´t the time or money, online courses are the best alternative and you can continue studying Spanish back in your country.

It is very important to choose the most suitable course to be able to receive a complete training which will allow you to reach a high level of knowledge of the Spanish language. Remember our language is currently the second most spoken in the world, so to learn Spanish does not only enrich your culture, but it can also open doors to big job opportunities.


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