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Tips to learn Spanish on holidays

Learning a new language in the natural environment where the language is spoken is a sure way of learning faster and better.  Many people thus consider making trips to areas where the language they want to learn is the main means of communication. They are thus able to make new friends, learn new cultures, enjoy tourist’s activities and still learn the language. Here are 6 guiding tips to help you learn Spanish when you travel to Spain or Latin America:

  • Learning food names and vocabulary is a sure way of learning faster. Learn how to order for food and drink and also learn the right way to pronounce words such as delicious, water, noodles, meat, vegetables and local dishes. When at the local market don’t just point but ask to be told the names of fruits and other food items. You are likely going to continue to use these words through your visit and that would help you retain them.
  • Learning a new language involves learning and relearning and making mistakes. Do not be afraid or ashamed to make mistakes and make a few people laugh with your faulty pronunciations.
  • Many tourist destinations would have phrasebooks with local words and their meanings. A better way to learn is to create your own phrase book of words and phrases as you pick them up. Writing down in your own books helps retention and allows you spell the words as it sounds to you, which makes it easier to recall later. Locals will also be willing to help when they see you making that extra effort.
  • Popular tourists hangouts will not give you a great opportunity to learn and practice your new words. Here the locals would probably be able to speak a bit of your language and the other tourists around won’t be speaking the fluent local language. Wander a bit off and enjoy the local culture and language first hand.
  • A number of locals would want to use you to practice their knowledge of English. Reciprocate and help them out so that they would be willing to help you out.
  • Shopping is a great way to interact with the locals and learn the language. Do not just hang around other tourists or take long naps and guided tours. Mix with the locals and fill up your phrase book.

If you put in practice this pieces of advice, tell us your experience in the comments below! and have a great trip!


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