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Learn Spanish with songs

Aside from reading the newspapers and watching a television series, learning a Spanish song will help you learn Spanish faster! Do you need to be told that music helps you remember things easier and faster?

Unlike books and newspapers, songs help make you familiarize and learn the Spanish language in a fun way. Ever experienced wanting to learn something and just had to stop it because you got bored? By learning Spanish through a song, you can forget about getting bored and even have fun doing it!

Here’s how you can learn Spanish through a song

  1. First, you have to choose a song that you want to learn. It could be pop, ballad, classical, rock or any genre that you are most comfortable with. As long as the lyrics are audible, you have the freedom to identify which song to learn. The “age” of the song may be an important consideration though. Keep in mind that the song you are about to learn should have lyrics that are available online. Classical songs may just be hard to find on the internet.
  2. After choosing your song and finding its lyrics, it’s time to print a copy of the song. – If you want, you can also print a copy of the song’s English translation for you to know what the song means. Use this printed copy to sing along with the song.
  3. While singing along with the lyrics, pay attention to the words usage and its pronunciation. Do some notes on words that seem hard to pronounce. Remember that your goal is mainly to be familiar with the words’ pronunciation and patterns. Try doing this over again until you find yourself able to memorize the song already.

In no time you will see that you’ve already grown accustomed to the songs’ words and have already familiarized yourself with the language.


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