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Vocabulary for students in Summer

Summer is coming, when a student goes to learn Spanish in Spain in summer, it is important for him to know the basic vocabulary. Here we leave you a series of words very useful:

Bathing suit/swimsuit Bañador
Barbecue Barbacoa
Beach Playa
Beer Cerveza
Bikini Bikini
Closed for holidays Cerrado por vacaciones
Diving board Trampolín
Ice cream Helado
Ice cream parlor Heladería
It’s hot Hace calor
Pool Piscina
Lifeguards Socorrista
No swimming Prohibido bañarse
Snack Aperitivo
Sand Arena
Suntan cream/lotion Bronceador
Surfing Hacer surf
Sunscreen Protector solar
Sandals Sandalias
Sangria Sangría
Sunshade/beach umbrella Sombrilla
Terrace Terraza
Diving Bucear
Swimming Nadar
Towel Toalla
Summer holidays/vacation Vacaciones de verano
Sunbathe Tomar el sol
Sunglasses Gafas de sol
Watermelon Sandía
Waves Olas

Do you know any other word about summer? Write it in the comments below.


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