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Live the Christmas Experience in Spain

Spain is a country rich in culture and traditions, making it a fantastic holiday destination. With so many attractions on offer, it is not surprising that it is a popular choice for today’s tourists. Whether you want to travel, in July or December, Spain is always a good choice.

When most people think of Spain, they think of a summer holiday destination, however, it is also a great place to spend your Christmas holidays. Depending on the area, you can still expect to find some sunshine, although not as hot as the summer, it can still be warm enough to spend the day at the beach. A real benefit of going away at Christmas is that in a lot of the resorts, it is considered as off-peak season as the weather is not as hot as the summertime. This means that you can find great deals, especially if combined with cheap flights from the budget airlines, and if you book in advance. Thomsons great deals for holidays to Spain are great examples of the types of deals you can find.

The Costa del Sol, on the south coast, is a great place to visit during Christmas time, it is a coastline that is extremely developed for tourists so will cater for your every need over the Christmas period. Christmas is taken very seriously in Spain, there are almost two weeks of celebrations so there is always something going on in the main towns and cities. Malaga, for example, will be full of many different festive street parades during the Christmas weeks and for the British tourist, has a selection of restaurants that will also offer your traditional roast dinner if that was what you wanted on Christmas day.

Alternatively, for those of you that want to embrace the Spanish customs, head down to the beach and have a Christmas Paella or turron, washed down with a few glasses of cava. New year´s eve also has its special traditions, at midnight, for every strike of the clock you have to eat a grape. This is believed to bring good luck over the next year, but believe me is trickier than you first might think, having to eat a whole grape, every time the clock chimes. For those of you that feel that you need to see a bit of snow to increase your Christmas Spirit, a short drive away is the Sierra Nevada and Granada where you can go skiing or simply enjoy a nice lunch with the view of the beautiful snowy tips.

Spain is a great country and very tourist friendly. You can easily find guidebooks with some easy language tips, that will help you get by and enjoy what the real Spain has to offer, but you can also take a trip to Spain for a Spanish course.

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