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Sangria, learn how to cook it

The beer is possibly one of most consumed drinks by Spanish citizens, tourists and students arriving in Spain in Summer. But today we would like to highlight another very typical drink of this time of year, sangría.

It is one of the most representative drinks of Summertime, it is, therefore, normal to see people on the bars’ terraces having an aperitif and drinking a glass or a jar of sangría.

There are many ways to prepare this drink, the basic ingredients are as follow:

  • red wine

  • sugar

  • lemon or orange juice

  • cut up fruit

  • cinnamon

  • fizz (fizzy drinks such as Seven Up, sprite or lemon lemonade).

Its elaboration is very diverse, it is therefore very common to see different types of sangría depending on the city you are in to undertake Spanish classes in Spain.

It is a drink that can also be prepared at home since the ingredients are easy to find and its elaboration is very simple. We leave you with the steps to prepare it yourself and invite your friends from the Spanish classes:

  • Cut the fruit into small pieces. You can choose apple, peach, orange, pineapple…whichever you prefer.

  • Put the fruit in a big jar and pour 1 liter of red wine. Add sugar to taste, a lemon juice, and the fizzy drink. Mix until the sugar is dissolved.

  • Leave the jar in the fridge for a few hours for it to cool down and for the flavors to blend.

  • When serving the sangria, add some ice to the jar so that it stays cool and refreshing.

  • Optional: Many people add some liquor, be it cognac, Rhum or other alcoholic drinks.

Now that you know this Summer drink, do not miss the opportunity to taste it in a restaurant or to prepare it yourself and enjoy it with your friends. And if you want to know more about the Spanish gastronomy, learn how to cook the Paella and The Spanish Omelet


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