What do I need to take with me if I go to Spain?

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What do I need to take with me if I go to Spain?

Spain offers many opportunities for leisure and days out, we, therefore, recommend you take a small luggage with you not to be restricted in your movements later on. It is best not to take too many clothes even if you need to use the laundry service later on. Do not forget that you could be invited to more than one party and thus need some decent outfit. Other elements are:

Documents you need

  • plane ticket
  • passport
  • visa and additional documents according to where you’re from
  • contract and reservation documents
  • credit cards
  • health insurance card

In the hand luggage

Remember to take your photo-camera, in a case would be best. Also your smartphone, laptop or tablet to connect internet. All this should be carried in a backpack or in a hand bag, which can then be used on short excursions.

First aid kit

Some aspirins should be sufficient. If you need a specific drug, Spain has a good health care if you have a good health insurance, so the doctor will prescribe the medication.

Toiletry bag

This is very personal. Apart from your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shaving things, maybe a perfume, a deodorant, remember to take a sun protector. The sun is very strong in Spain but there will always be a place nearby to buy creams. Also remember to take a lip protector in case changes in humidity affect you.

For your Spanish course

A dictionary, it doesn’t need to be very big but should be good enough to be used during your classes, it can be electronic. For excursions you can use a pocket sized dictionary, or even an app on your phone. Take pen and paper with you just in case, but they will provide you with all the material in the Spanish school. And maybe a grammar guide? We recommend you take one, it could be electronic.

For leisure

It depends on your interests. Regarding music, your Ipod or Spotify on your mobile phone are fine. We recommend books are in Spanish. You can buy some books in Spain depending on your level. You will find some tourist information of the city you are heading to on www.spanishintour.com

Other things you don’t want to forget are

Your phone charger, sunglasses. If you wear glasses do not forget to carry spare ones with you, and if you like to swim then you will also need your goggles and swimming cap. You will also need a cap or a hat. But do not bring your umbrella, you won’t need it. If you are unlucky and it rains you can always buy a cheap one from any bazar-shop… there are everywhere in Spain.

And the most important advice

Write your personal list on your computer editor or on your phone. When you have that it will only take a few minutes to prepare your luggage, and you will have it ready for use for next time. You will go again for sure,

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