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All types of coffee to take in Spain and how to ask for

If you go to Spain as a tourist or as Student of Spanish courses, should know as, like many other countries, the coffeehouse and the stimulating drink is called with the same name: “café”. Spain has a strong tradition with the coffee and a several types of coffees with different names.

The most common varieties of coffee at the bar can change his name according to the regions of Spain, but the basic names are the same. For that reason, we have made a guide with the most popular varieties of coffees in Spain so you will able to take the coffee you most liked.

The varieties are:

  • Espresso“, “café sólo”, or just “café” is usually served in a cup and includes about 30 milliliters.
  • “Café cortado”, it is an espresso with some milk, 5 to 10 milliliters, to reduce the acidity of the coffee.
  • “Café con leche”,  coffee adding about 100 milliliters of milk, and can be served on request: cold, warm, hot, or very hot. It can be accompanied by some cream. Sometimes called for in large glass or cup with more milk, especially for breakfast.
  • “Café corto” is an espresso coffee with about 15 milliliters, like a half standard coffee, but with the same dose of coffee.
  • “Café largo”, an espresso with the same dose of a size slightly higher, total with 40 or 50 milliliters, so it is a soft variety.
  • “Café americano”, it is a dose of coffee for a cup size larger than the long coffee, may be 60 milliliters to 100.
  • “Café doble” is an espresso like 30 ml although double ration of coffee.
  • Leche manchada“, also called coffee with milk. It is a cup of milk with a little of coffee.
  • “Café con hielo”, it is served as an espresso coffee accompanied with a glass with an ice cube. the customer pours hot coffee on the glass with ice.
  • “Café del tiempo”, it is a coffee accompanied by a slice of lemon and an ice cube.
  • “Bombón”, it is a coffee accompanied by condensed milk.
  • “Granizado de café”, It is usually taken in the summer, especially in the Mediterranean area. It is a coffee granita like other typical frozen drinks (horchata, lemon granita… ).
  • “Blanco y negro”, it is a coffee granita with ice cream, normally cream made of egg or vanilla.
  • “Descafeinado de máquina”, it is an espresso made with decaf coffee.
  • “Descafeinado de sobre”, a variant of instant coffee or coffee extract dehydrated in its decaffeinated version. Both, decaffeinated machine and decaf envelope are compatible with all the cafes expressed.

As you know the coffee can serve with different types of alcohol, we show you the different name, just remember you have to take them in moderation.

  • “Carajillo” or coffee with a little of brandy adding about 10 ml of the liquor. If the coffee is decaf would be a ” Carajillo descafeinado”. The ” Belmonte” is a variety of carajillo made from a chocolate, that is, with a basis of coffee and condensed milk.
  • Carajillo de ron” is a variant of the original carajillo , which is brandy or cognac. It is also very common on carajillo Baileys , or even whiskey , marc, Licor 43 or Tia Maria. There is a variant of carajillo called “Barraquito” which is made with coffee , condensed milk, Licor 43 , lemon and cinnamon barks.
  • “Carajillo quemado”, it is a carajillo with cognac burnt, before mixing with the coffee. A variant carajillo burnt milk is often called “Trifásico”, by the way, liquids are separated in the glass, better transparent.
  • “Cappuccino” it is the Italian classic, between 150 and 180 milliliters of espresso, hot milk and milk foam , usually decorated with cocoa powder. In some places replaced by cinnamon powder.
  • “Café vienés” with cream or whipped cream. The name comes from the typical drink of the cafes of Vienna and Budapest.
  • “Café irlandés”, with coffee, whiskey, and cream. Usually accompanied by brown sugar.

What is your favorite coffee and why? Write in the comments below!

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