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Roscón de Reyes, the best sweet of Christmas

Some days ago we were talking to you about the turrón, the typical sweet for Christmas in Spain, we will now do the same with another traditional sweet from the Spanish gastronomy for Christmas, the roscón de Reyes, one of the products that have to be on the table when you stay in Spain.

As its name states, this sweet is typically eaten on the 6th of January, day of the Reyes Magos, but it is more and more usual to have it during all festivities, always with a cup of hot chocolate. You should definitely not miss out on this mixture if you are learning Spanish in Spain.

The roscón is a circular bread roll with sugar and colored crystallized fruit strips on top. The classic roscón doesn’t usually include other ingredients, but it is becoming fashionable to fill them with whipped cream, chocolate or cream. Inside the bread, there are usually hidden figurines, always with a king and a dried bean. The tradition says that the person who finds the king figurine is crowned king of the festivity and he receives the paper crown that goes with the roscón. On the other hand, the person who finds the bean has to pay for the sweet.

The roscón’s origin is not related with the Reyes Magos, but with the god Saturn, in our country, this tradition has been very present since many years and, it is undoubtedly a very good opportunity to taste one of the best sweets if you are staying in Spain.


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