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Traditional Mexican Christmas presents

The holiday season is officially upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to give to your family and friends.

If you intend to give out something while you are in Mexico to study the Spanish language, the following should give you some idea:

Mexican Silver

The Mexican silver artisans create really astonishing pieces of jewelry and decoration with this precious metal: rings, bracelets, medals & earrings of all kind of shapes. What about a plate of the Aztec calendar or a jaguar replica for your living room? There is great art in silver to choose from in Playa del Carmen & Guanajuato.

Mexican candies

Candies are common gifts on Christmas in Mexico. A traditional Mexican candy is usually made of a mixture of salt and sugar with a hint of hot chili on its taste. Oaxaca is very rich in gastronomy and traditional candies, but the very best is the “chocolate”. You can get traditional chocolate in bars, get back home and make your family enjoy this delicious beverage with a very Mexican and remarkable flavor similar to the Spanish turron.

Mayan pearl

If you want something that’s ‘genuinely’ Mexican, then try the Mayan pearl. Why the name? – Because when given as a gift, the pearl is actually still on its mussel or oyster. If you are receiving it, do not be too shocked by it. Mexican tradition says each color of the pearl holds a certain blessing. White, for instance, means health, while the cream is happiness, lavender for wisdom, gold for wealth, and peach for love.


As food lovers, it should not surprise you to find out that food is also often given as a gift during Christmas in Mexico. One of the most common foods present in the country are the cochinitos – soft gingerbread cookies that are cut into the shape of pigs. The term ‘cochinito’ is Spanish for “little pig”.

Christmas is one perfect reason to be generous and when in México you can get plenty of value for your money. But again, it’s not the present, it’s the thought.


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