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Authentic Mexican Food

Like people in different parts of the world, Mexicans have peculiarities when it comes to eating. For one, most of them eat a large lunch at 2 in the afternoon. It is often very good value for your money. For around 40 pesos you will get a plate of food with rice and beans, a soup dish, tortillas and refreshing fruit water.

For the main dish there is a small menu that is composed of standard dishes to choose from, like beef tips in onion and tomato, chicken with some sauce, puntas a la mexicana, or meatballs in a chipotle sauce. This is all good Mexican food, and we highly recommend it. There are many other good comida corrida places in the city. Some taquerias are open in the day, but that is traditionally more of a nighttime stuff.

Antojitos are the authentic Mexican Fast Food. They are available from carts and street booths and are sold by restaurants and wandering vendors. These little gastronomic treasures are never far away. A genuine antojitos can be so tasty that it will make you wonder why anyone bothered to make the fake burritos and tacos that most travelers recognize from home.

Head to a taqueria for a dose of great antojitos. Here, you will find a good variety of different dishes. This food is fun to eat. Not only are they yummy, they can also be ordered one at a time. Your only problem is finding your favorite, which can be difficult as there are many to choose from.

In the taqueria you can also get more full sized dishes. The ubiquitous quesadilla is a must if you never tried it before. The juicy gringa is a couple of flour tortillas with the al pastor meat in between.

Flautas is a real favorite made of corn tortillas filled with chicken or meat, rolled up to a tube and fried hard. It is usually served with shredded lettuce and some cream on top. If you are into weird meats, you must try the delicious longaniza de Valladolid, a sausage different than you might be used to.


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