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Where to take a Spanish lesson in Mexico?

Mexico is a great place to learn the Spanish language. Aside from its interesting sights, the country has a rich and diverse culture as well. But specifically where in Mexico should you enroll for a Spanish language program? Here are some information to help you decide:

Playa del Carmen

Simply known as Playa, Playa del Carmen is an ideal place to learn Spanish in Mexico due to its laid-back setting. Add to that, the town’s beautiful beaches will surely captivate anyone who visits the place.

Playa is located at the heart of Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo state. Starting out as a small fishing village, the city still has remnants of the Mayan culture. If you are fascinated with this tribe’s way of living, then studying Spanish in Playa would be worth it. You can even visit the Mayan ruins housed at the Chichen Itza. Go back in time and be fascinated by the very rich culture of the Mayans.

On a weekend, or anytime that you don’t have your Spanish lessons, you can enjoy some of the city’s top attractions which include the Great Mayan Reef which boasts of being among the world’s largest coral reef walls. You will be in awe with the treasures kept in this underwater beauty.


People with great interest in architecture would surely enjoy studying the Spanish language in Oaxaca. Named by UNESCO as Patrimony of Humanity, Oaxaca boasts of breathtaking colonial architecture and ancestral traditions.

Food lovers will also feast on what Oaxaca has to its tourists and visitors. Among Mexico’s food capital, the city has a wide array of traditional cuisines combined with the world’s best ingredients. Surely, food is one big come-on when deciding about where to study in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

If you want to be close to nature while learning the Spanish language, Puerto Vallarta should be your destination. With its magnificent beaches, tropical jungles, and breath-taking waterfalls, relaxing while studying is easily attained in the city.

You can enjoy a walk on the sandy beaches after your Spanish language classes or have fun doing water sports during vacations or holidays.

Choose among these three cities and experience Mexico at its best while learning the Spanish language.


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