La Boqueria, the most famous market of Barcelona

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La Boqueria, the most famous market of Barcelona

For all the food lovers out there, La Boqueria is the place for you. Decked with different food stalls, restaurants, and tapas bars, La Boqueria is a treat for wanderers who wish to go for a pit stop and chill for awhile.

Also known as Mercat de Sant Josep or St. Joseph’s Market, La Boqueria is a haven of vegetables, meat, fruits, fish, and poultry. It welcomes shoppers early in the morning and bids them goodbye late at night, although happy hours are set in the afternoon.

La Boqueria is an exciting discovery, with its high aesthetic value and first-rate culinary offerings. Since 1840, it has achieved its place as a stylish market from the signage seen at the entrance that gives art a whole new definition, to the iron enclosures that give the market its super posh style.

It is a delight to shop at La Boqueria, fresh fish from the Mediterranean are found in the innermost part of the market. No doubt the fish is fresh, no red eyes and no foul odor because you will soon find yourself struggling to keep them in place. Surely, doing market at La Boqueria is a rather thrilling task.

If you walk a little further, you will see oranges and delicious cherries adorn the stalls. Artichokes, carrots, zucchinis are sold fresh as if they have just been uprooted. Mushroom, by the way, are true to its nature because they are found everywhere in the market.

La Boqueria offers a smorgasbord of bars and restaurants. If shoppers get tired of walking and looking around the vicinity, they can always relax and enjoy a good drink at the Pinotxo or Pinnochio. Aside from their extravagant choices of drinks, they also have the very interesting ceramic portrait of the celebrated marionette which has gained a good amount of attention for the past years.

Another place to visit for tapas is the El Quim de la Boqueria. El Quim is the tapas bar of all tapas bars! Great food, good drinks, beautiful people, fun time- name it, and they have it. Don’t forget to visit this place in the morning when it is high time to have breakfast and ask for their fresh squid. Mornings at El Quim is as equally fun as in the evening.

La Boqueria has a place for pet lovers too, just outside the entrance of the market, you can find attention-grabbing species for sale such as birds, lizards and other tiny things.

  MNAC – Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya


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